3 Haziran 2013 Pazartesi

Taksim Solidarity Press Release (Taksim Dayanışması Basın Açıklaması)

We have united in the streets; our struggle in the streets will prevail!

We will not let anyone touch our Gezi Park! We will not let anyone exploit our labor, our habitat or nature!

Our struggle, which sparkled five days ago at Taksim Istanbul Gezi Park, has spread out to streets, neighborhoods, town squares in Turkey and abroad, demonstrating the collective will of millions of people. The public has made a decision! We will not let anyone demolish the Gezi Park! From now on Gezi Park represents other atrocities and state terror like Taksim, Reyhanli, Roboski, and May 1st. From now on Gezi Park stands for labor, nature and freedom. The Park is an expression of a collective will to live in a democratic country despite state’s oppression and despite all fascist attacks to restrict freedom. From now on, everyone should know that this Park, the Taksim Square and all the public squares of this city, this country and this world are entrusted to labor, to laborers and to the people. We will not let AKP (Justice and Development Party) or the capitalists get their hands on these public spaces.